Carefully read and provide the right element to get a refund


We pride ourselves on the effectiveness and quality of our course. However, we understand that sometimes things may not work out. If you feel the course didn't provide the value you expected, you can request a refund under the following conditions:

  • Refund Eligibility Criteria:

  • ✓ Proof of Course Completion: You must provide a screenshot showing that you have completed the course 100%. This means every module, every lesson, every video - the entire course must be marked as completed.
  • ✓ Submission of Exercises: All exercises associated with the course, including but not limited to the content calendar, must be completed. The content calendar should be filled with a minimum of three posts per week across three different platforms. It's essential to show that you've taken the actionable steps we've provided.
  • ✓ Consistency & Dedication: Show us you've committed! You must provide proof that you adhered to the schedule you set for yourself and remained consistent in your efforts for a minimum of one month.
  • ✓ Proof of Promotion Effort: You must demonstrate that you've put in reasonable work and devoted a significant amount of time to promote yourself using the strategies and tips provided in our course.

  • Refund Process:

    To initiate the refund process, kindly send an email to our support team with the subject "Refund Request - [Your Full Name]". In this email, please attach:

    - Screenshot of 100% course completion.
    - All completed exercises.
    - Documented proof of your consistency and adherence to your set schedule.
    - Evidence of promotional efforts made using our course recommendations.
    Once we receive your email and all the attached proofs, our team will review your request. If you meet all the criteria, your refund will be processed within 7-10 business days.

    Refund Window:

    You must initiate your refund request within 10 days of purchasing the course. Refunds will not be considered after this window has closed.

  • Final Note:

    We create our courses with your success in mind. We believe in the value we provide and expect our students to invest genuine effort before deciding that the course wasn't right for them. Our refund policy is designed to prevent misuse and ensure that students who request refunds do so genuinely after giving the course a thorough and genuine attempt.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.